From time to time we offer retreats conducted by our resident or visiting masters. During times of retreat, the community focuses on particular teachings and practices that serve to deepen our spiritual experiences and to enhance our personal transformations. Retreats provide an opportunity to focus totally on one's spiritual practice in the absence of more mundane activities.


Gaden KhachoeShing Monastery serves as a resource to the community for those who wish to learn about Buddhism. Our resident teachers offer educational talks for universities, schools, religious and non-religious organizations both at the monastery and on location. In the past, monks have visited many universities and schools in the tri-state region.

The monks can give a talk on a topic of your choice, or they can offer a program on traditional Buddhist subjects, such as:

• Introduction to Buddhism

• Karmic Law of Cause and Effect

• Four Noble Truths

• Death and Rebirth

• Renunciation and Attachment

• Buddhist Psychology

• Love and Compassion

• Right View and Emptiness

• Sacred Spaces

If you would like to invite a monk as a guest speaker, please send us an email at: khachoeshing@gmail.com or call the monastery at (812) 334-3456.